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Towable Backhoe

Towable Backhoe Towable Backhoe
Towable Backhoe Towable Backhoe
Towable Backhoe Towable Backhoe
Towable Backhoe Towable Backhoe
Model TB-001: Heavy Duty with Diesel Engine, USA DOT approved tire Model TB-002: Compact Type with Gasoline engine, Euro II approved and USA EPA approved, USA DOT approved tire
Our towable backhoe easily walks itself around the work site with the bucket and boom.Since it is not wheel driven it is nearly impossible to get it stuck and it will get into those tight spots without tearing up the grass or making big ruts. With a totall weight of 600Kg, our towable backhoe can be rolled around wheel barrow style on firm, fairly level surfaces using the built in handles. The towable backhoe does not need to be hooked up to a tow vehicle other than for over the road travel.
8 Reasons to buy a towable Backhoe:
1  You save money. Buying a towable backhoe can save you thousands over the cost of buying a commercially machine. You will also save on repair and maintenance cost over the lift of the machine.
2  Compared to other similarly priced machines, the towable backhoe gives you big machine performance at the small machine price. It not only has the extra reach, it has the extra power to tackle those tough jobs!
3  Towable backhoe uses a 25% larger pump and has a 140 degree swing, giving you the flexibility to tackle those more jobs with greater efficiency.
4  By buying the machine yourself, you’ll never have to pay someone to work on your machine. You will be the expert. 5  Save big money by doing all your excavating and landscaping projects yourself.
6  You can make money doing work for others. Your towable backhoe will pay for itself fast and it is always worth more than it cost to buy.
7  Maintaining the towable backhoe is quick and easy, a few shots of grease and an occasional oil change is all that is required.
Do not have a lot of repairing experience! You can still make repair. Our plants guide you through all detailed instructions and drawings.

Towable Backhoe Specfication:
Max. digging depth (inch/mm) 86/2200
Max. digging height (inch/mm) 106/2700
Loadover height (inch/mm) 63/1600
Transport height (inch/mm) 75/1900
Ground clearance (inch/mm) 12/300
Boom pivof height (inch/mm) 18/450
Max. digging radius (inch/mm) 125/3100
Loading reach (inch/mm) 55/1400
Bucket rotation(o) 150
Swing Arc (o) 140
Size (inch/mm) A/B 12/300 or 15/380
Cap (m3) A/B 0.036 or 0.046
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