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Foton Tractor

Foton tractor,a series tractors appeared in the Chinese tractor market in 2000. It adopts new advanced technology in the world and provide a range of tractors from 20hp to 80hp.
Foton 20-40hp tractors are with foldable ROPs, spring seat for comfortable outdoor jobs. Foton 50-80hp tractors can have safe cabin with hot and air conditioning ,Perkins engine and all kinds of implements for you choice. Canopy, turf tyre , creeper are optional.

Perkins engine model:
Foton604, Perkins 1004-4T Foton704, Perkins 1004-4T Foton754, Perkins 1004-4TR Foton824, Perkins 1004-4TR

The capacity of engine 15L of transmission 38L, hydraulic 21L, radiator 15L and diesel 78L is: Foton 60 series: Perkins engine stroke:127mm.

Foton200-Foton204 Foton220-Foton224 Foton250-Foton254
Foton200-Foton204 Foton220-Foton224 Foton250-Foton254
Foton300-Foton304 Foton350-Foton354 Foton400-Foton454
Foton300-Foton304 Foton350-Foton354 Foton400-Foton454
Foton500-Foton504 Foton550-Foton554 Foton600-Foton604
Foton500-Foton504 Foton550-Foton554 Foton600-Foton604
Foton700-Foton704 Foton750-Foton754 Foton820-Foton824 Tractor
Foton700-Foton704 Foton750-Foton754 Foton820-Foton824 Tracto...

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